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Robin Greenblat

Specialties and Certifications
  • Cassandra’s Syndrome Specialist

  • Neurodiverse Couples & Individuals Specialist

  • Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Life Experience
  • 30 years of neurodiverse marriage

  • Mother of neurodiverse children

  • NT/ND co-parenting experience

  • Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

  • Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Master of Science in Healthcare Administration

Robin's Story

I first became interested in psychology in 2014 in the heart of Silicon Valley, where I learned I lived in a world of neurodiversity. While working on my master's in clinical psychology, I realized that I unknowingly had been managing several neurodiverse relationships while often feeling misunderstood and unheard by many of my loved ones. In 2021, I connected with Neurodiverse Couples Counseling Center and Believing Cassandra and landed where I belong professionally. Due to my personal connection, I am committed to helping others find acceptance, understanding, and their truth with neurodiversity. I especially can relate to Cassandra’s Syndrome. For years, I thought something did not feel right and often felt unseen, unloved, and unvalued despite my efforts to connect. My loved ones are beautiful humans, yet something was missing. It was Cassandra’s Syndrome. 


I am a firm believer that everyone has a voice. I want to create a more inclusive and supportive space for individuals and couples that embraces neurodiversity. I want to support you with Cassandra’s Syndrome and help you find your way. I want to hear your story and your experiences. I can help you navigate the many bumps and curves of the dynamic neurodiverse marriage and find yourself again. I believe you, and I believe in you.

With 30 years of neurodiverse marriage and parenting four neurodiverse children, Robin’s experience personally and professionally has given her a unique perspective to help her clients navigate the dynamics of neurodiverse marriage and relationships. Robin is committed to continuing to provide compassionate and effective support to clients with Cassandra's Syndrome and other neurodiverse conditions and promoting greater understanding and acceptance of neurodiversity. Robin's humanistic approach creates a safe and non-judgmental environment for her clients to communicate openly.

Main Areas of Focus

Understanding Neurodiversity

Do you need a more emotional connection with your partner? Do you long for emotional safety with the person you love? Neurotypical partners are considered “Cassandras” because no one believes their experience. As a result, they can often feel alone, confused, and guilty. Cassandras may become dissociated or feel a loss of self. Often, they might be met with, “but he is so sweet!” Cassandra Syndrome is not getting enough emotional reciprocity, validation, affection, and empathy from your partner. 


Misunderstandings can lead to feeling invisible and crushing, especially when not believed. Additionally, receiving doubt or disbelief from others can be incredibly isolating, creating a cumulative effect of trauma and emotional pain. You may feel dismissed, minimized, and invalidated. How can you feel heard and convince others of what you know to be true? How can you get your needs met?


Frequently the neurotypical partner feels blamed and frustrated, and their partner won’t talk to them about emotions when things go wrong. However, even when the hurt is unintentional, it does not dimmish the impact on you. We all need others to understand our perspective and see our side. 

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