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A Message
of Hope

Our Team

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At Believing Cassandra, we have created a place of comfort and understanding for neurotypical women who are lost in the loneliness of a neurodiverse relationship. While your partner may have many amazing qualities, the shortfalls associated with an autistic mind can transform a marriage into a battle of wills and destroy hope for any true intimacy.

Years of seeking but not receiving this life-giving emotional support takes a toll on your mind and body. Even worse, you and your partner build layers of "protection" to cope with the pain -- often in the form of angry pursuit and painful withdrawal. 


While we totally believe in specialized neurodiverse couples counseling (and highly recommend our partner site, the Neurodiverse Couples Counseling Center), we also want to take care of YOU!

Our biggest hope is for you to heal so you don't have to rely on your partner to change to feel whole.

We help you through your relationship trauma so you can build a life of joy and fulfillment.


We are a group of caring women who are dedicated to helping others heal.

Our ability to connect with you is based on living in neurodiverse relationships ourselves and/or in our experience of counseling neurodiverse couples.


All of us have a Master's in Psychology and are trained in psychotherapy and neurodiversity.


This gives us both a personal and clinical background to walk on this journey with you. 

Whitney Pressley is our Client Care Coordinator.


Reach out to her today. She is also a trained therapist and will understand your needs so she can connect you with the right provider.

Schedule an Intake Meeting with Whitney at:

Email :

Text or Call: (305) 376-0678

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