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Cassandra Support Groups

Our groups are facilitated by Lisa Anzaldua, one of our caring team members. She will make sure you will have a safe place to talk, learn, heal and grow.  

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Leaf Pattern Design

Thriving Beyond Cassandra Syndrome Specialized Coaching & Therapeutic Community Experience


Weekly for 8-sessions

$120/pay per session

Max 12 Participants

Next Group Start Date:

Friday, May 31st

5:15 - 7:00 PM PST

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Weekly Cassandra Group

Is This Group For Me?

You may be feeling emotionally abandoned, conflicted, experiencing depression or anxiety, regretting the past, resenting the present, and fearing the future. This group process is here for you. It will help you clarify your relationship patterns, release emotional and mental anguish, and align your heart and brain toward constructive decisions and actions. Whether or not in unison with Neurodiversity couples counseling, or whether or not your partner has been diagnosed, having personal guidance and a community that supports you is very beneficial. Navigating your relationship has possibly derailed you from your center, from a strong sense of self and optimism. Leaving you feeling abandoned and hopeless. And very few people, if any, seem to understand what you are experiencing or maybe minimize it and possibly blame you. Your relationship presents a unique set of challenges that may be difficult to cope with (in a way that does not suck the life out of you!) on your own. And my therapeutic community experience is here to help you navigate all of the emotional and practical complexities of it, with your well-being as the central focus. While still honoring your partner’s differences and your love for them with integrity. Do you find yourself asking or saying: - I WANT TO FEEL MORE HOPEFUL ABOUT THE FUTURE. - I WANT TO FEEL LESS ANGRY. - THE WEIGHT OF BEING SOMEONE I DO NOT WANT TO BE IS UNBEARABLE. - I’M CONSUMED BY A LOT OF RESIDUAL HURT, SORROW, AND REGRET. - DEALING WITH THE HEARTBREAK OF HOW WE WERE (ARE) AROUND OUR KIDS IS DIFFICULT. - WILL IT ALWAYS BE THIS WAY? AND IF SO, COULD I ACTUALLY COPE WITH THAT AND KEEP MY SANITY? - I WISH I WERE LESS REACTIONARY. - I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO FORGIVE AND RELEASE RESENTMENTS THAT HAVE BUILT UP. - I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO I AM, AND SO IF I GO, HOW DO I KNOW THAT LIFE WOULD EVEN BE BETTER? - I DON’T LIKE THE HOSTILE PERSON THAT I HAVE BECOME. - I’M EXHAUSTED FROM CONSTANTLY TRYING TO GET MY POINT ACROSS - TO BE SEEN AND UNDERSTOOD. - I'VE FORGOTTEN WHO I AM. I'VE LOST MYSELF. - I’M FEELING BOTH EMOTIONALLY SHUT DOWN AND EXHAUSTED If so, then this group may be a great fit for you.

How Will This Group Help?

Lisa has facilitated ten group cohorts serving over 100 women thus far, leading to significant shifts - from feeling alone, exhausted, & disempowered to reclaiming themselves, having clarity, and a path forward. Her specialized coaching and therapeutic community experience will help you navigate your relationship's emotional and practical complexities. Feeling isolated, misunderstood, and emotionally off-balance in a relationship with an autism spectrum partner can be deeply challenging. You may grapple with feelings of abandonment, anger, grief, regret, resentment, and fear for the future. It's a journey that can leave you feeling distant from your own sense of self and optimism, often without adequate understanding or support from others. Our 8-week program is a journey designed to elevate your well-being and reignite joy in your life. It's inclusive for anyone in a neurodiverse relationship, regardless of their partner's ASD diagnosis, the stage of their relationship, or previous therapies and interventions they've experienced. That is, it is for women only and is for you if: - You know or suspect your partner is on the Autism spectrum - Whether or not you are in couples therapy (or coaching) - Whether or not you are experiencing the classic Cassandra Syndrome, Ongoing Traumatic Relationship Stress, or Trauma Bond. - You seek guidance, clarity, healing, and reclamation relative to your unique relationship. In this supportive group environment, you will: 1) Feel Less Alone and Establish Emotional & Psychological Safety 2) Clarify Patterns and Discover Solutions to Them 3) Requalify Your Emotions to Experience Relief and Peace in Your Heart 4) Apply Powerful Psychological and Emotional Empowerment Tools 5) Nourish Yourself to Strengthen Your Mind, Body, and Spirit 6) Heal Attachment Injuries to Step into Your Full Power 7) Reclaim Yourself to Feel Whole Again 8) Focus on Post-Traumatic Growth & Release Regret

Client Testimonials

"I would recommend the Thriving Beyond Cassandra Syndrome group to anyone who thinks their spouse is on the spectrum and they are feeling the untethered, spinning, and uncertainty of what to do next." I can now allow myself self-care and am seeking my own joy. I have more compassion for my husband and can see that our future together is more possible than it was 2 months ago. Because I am different." “I almost didn't join because of anxiety and insecurity about exposing myself in a small group But I am so glad I did! My favorite aspects of the groups were walking back through someone's story and helping us all see what is behind the confusion and suffering. This was very helpful; what I could not articulate or know about myself, I would see it was true of me in another person's story. So very helpful to get me out from behind my protective behaviors. And Lisa’s transparency, honesty, and sincere desire to help make the course more meaningful and effective." “My favorite part of the group was group share. I loved the group's makeup and found each woman's honesty and vulnerability, including yours, comforting and inspirational. I would you recommend the Thriving Beyond Cassandra Syndrome group coaching and therapeutic community to anyone struggling to identify a sense of self.”

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