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Danielle Grossman

Danielle B. Grossman

Specialties and Certifications
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, #42516

  • 20 years Experience Working with Individuals and Couples 

  • Cassandra Syndrome Specialist 

  • Licensed Clinical Supervisor 

  • Neurodiverse Couples Specialist

  • Neuro-Inclusive Specialist in Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating

  • Neuro-Inclusive Specialist in Behavioral Addictions and Substance Use Disorders 

  • 20 years Clinical Experience in Trauma Informed and Trauma Focused Therapies 

  • Advanced Education in Neuroscience/Neurobiology

Life Experience
  • Identify as neurodivergent (HSP, sensory processing differences) 

  • Experience in multiple neurodiverse relationships 

  • Columnist at Sierra Sun and Psych Central

  • Athlete / experience working with competitive athletes

  • Bachelor of Arts, Yale University, Ethics, Politics, and Economics, New Haven, CT (magna cum laude) 

  • Master of Arts, California Institute for Integral Studies, Integral Counseling Psychology, San Francisco, CA

Main Areas of Focus

Cassandra Syndrome


You are not alone. I have worked for two decades with people grappling with the loneliness, frustration and pain of being in a relationship with someone you love, and who you think loves you too, but who is not able to see you or be there for you in fundamental ways. 


I have been honored to be a part of the process of my clients getting stronger and stronger, more clear about their own needs and more capable of finding peace with the relationship and connection with their partner.

What I see commonly with my clients:


Many wonder…


‘How can my partner be so loving and wonderful in some ways but also act in ways that are uncaring, selfish, distant or even mean?’


‘How come they are usually so calm and capable but then flip into defensiveness and negative projections onto me when I try to talk to them about things I need from them or are upset with them about?’

Many Feel…


Self-doubt  Frustration  Rage  Loneliness 

Emptiness    Anxious    Depressed   Resentment  

Embarrassment  Shame   Shut Down   Stuck 

Misunderstood   Rejected   Dismissed  Invisible 

Confused    Angry   Conflicted    Pain   Hurt 

Many are Questioning…


‘Is this emotional abuse?’ 


‘Are they a Narcissist?’ 


 ‘Is this gaslighting?’


‘Do I stay or go?’ 


‘Maybe I am just too sensitive/too needy/too emotional?’ (Doubting own reality)

Many are Experiencing…


Walking on eggshells 


Lack of understanding from others 


Burn-out from all of it 


Energetic suppression 


Physical symptoms 

For many (not all) of my clients, these experiences overlay with long-standing relational wounds from childhood or young adulthood where there may have been:




Emotional or energetic mismatch between parent(s) and child 


Emotionally or socially immature parent(s)


Parents with addiction patterns 


Narcissistic parent(s) or siblings 


Verbal, Emotional, Physical and/or Sexual abuse 


Sibling with high care needs (illness/disability/addiction) 


Intergenerational Trauma (poverty, immigration, systemic violence, addiction, loss) 

Therapy is a place where you are:










Supported to process current and past trauma (if/when you choose) 


Supported to create a more compassionate, trusting and loving relationship with yourself 


Supported to heal/shift your own attachment patterns to become internally stronger and more stable 


Supported to feel more of a sense of choice and agency in the relationship 


Supported to develop tools to navigate when your partner is not being responsive to your needs 


Supported to develop tools to navigate when your partner has flipped into anger or meltdown 


Supported to grapple with the question of ‘do I stay or go?’


Supported to find effective ways to communicate with your partner 


Supported to find ways to maximize the love and connection with your partner 


Supported with boundary setting 


Supported to live within the both/and of a complicated relationship (they love me and they often aren’t loving toward me) 


Supported with the process of ending the relationship and rebuilding your life if that’s what you decide


Supported to strengthen other relationships and support systems 


Supported to find joy and lightness in your life

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